The Arnold Strongman Classic

Congratulations to our winner, Zydrunas Savickas!


Abbreviated Rules

Please Note: The complete rules are available here.

Friday, 1:30

The Austrian Oak —From the Floor to Arms’ Length Overhead for Max Reps

Expo Stage

We will use two logs. The Heavy Oak weighs approximately 200 kg/441 lbs; the Lighter Oak weighs approximately 172 kg/379 lbs. The log cannot be stood up on one end and rocked over onto the shoulders. The “Oak” was designed and built by Steve Slater, a Co-director of the Arnold Strongman Classic, as a new challenge for the competitors and as a way to honor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has been called the Austrian Oak since his early days in bodybuilding. The “Oak” must be returned to the floor on each repetition and it must be lifted to arms’ length and held on each rep until the referee gives the “Down!” signal. There will be a 90 second time limit.

Friday, following the Austrian Oak

The Bale Tote

Expo Stage

This year we will load our yoke so that it will weigh approximately 550 kilos/1223 lbs for the first of three heats. We have had two bales of cotton made at the oldest operational gin in the U.S.—the Gin in Burton, Texas, which began to gin and bale cotton in 1914. These bales were made the old-fashioned way so that they are larger than modern bales. We intend to use these bales for the second and third heats. Each bale weighs over 400 lbs (182.5 kg) The yoke which will carry the cotton bales and any additional weight we need was designed and built by Ian Mclean of Rogue Fitness. The men will try to carry the yoke a very short distance (approximately 3 meters/10 feet) and each man must carry it the full distance on each attempt in order to qualify for the next heat. On the second attempt, up to 100 kg/220 lbs will be added to the yoke and each man who successfully carried the first weight will go in the same order and attempt to carry the heavier yoke the same distance. Then, the process will be repeated with the same increase of up to 100 kg/221 lbs for the final attempt. A decision about the exact weight of the second and third attempts will be made by the officials after they have watched the previous attempt. An effort will be made to add enough weight so that the second and third attempts will be difficult and perhaps impossible for some of the Strongmen, but not impossible for all of the competitors. The approximate weight of the yoke plus the two bales of cotton is 1325 lbs/603 kg. and it will be used in the second heat unless the officials decided that weight is either too heavy or too light. The first athlete in the first attempt will go from the left side of the platform (viewed from the front of the stage) to the right side of the platform, the second athlete will go from right to left, the third from left to right, and so on. This will save time as the rack has no front or back and can be carried in either direction. Anyone who fails to carry the yoke the full distance will not attempt the next weight but will be judged on how far he carried his last attempt. The first two heats must be completed within 30 seconds, but the men who have qualified for the third heat will be timed in that heat to determine the winner and the top finishers. Placements will be determined by a combination of distance and speed.

Saturday, 1:30

The Timber Carry

Expo Stage

We have used this Timber Frame since the ASC began in 2012. It was designed by Terry Todd, built by Hugo and Jonathan Hemme of Texas, and adapted through the years by Steve Slater. This year it will weigh approximately 882 pounds (400 kg) and it will be carried approximately 35 feet (9 meters) up the same ramp we have used in recent years. No straps will be allowed, and no sliding of the Frame is allowed. The bar can be dropped and picked back up again. Only chalk can be used to help the grip. The time limit is 30 seconds.

Saturday, following the Timber Carry

The Tire Deadlift

Expo Stage

One Rep Max, as we have done every year since 2003, when we introduced our unique bar, which is approximately 14 feet long and uses as barbell plates up to eight Hummer Tires, each of which weighs approximately 110 pounds (50 kg). The bar was designed by Tom Lincir and built under his direction at the Ivanko Barbell Company. The event is organized like a deadlift in a powerlifting contest, with a “rising bar” and three attempts for each man. If we have the time we will allow an extra attempt for a new record. Straps are allowed and so is “hitching,” but at the finish of the lift the body of the competitor must be fully erect. Time Limit of 30 seconds per attempt.

Saturday Evening

The Cyr Dumbbell—274 Pounds

Veterans' Auditorium

The background for this event is that in January of 1892—in front of 5000 people at the Royal Aquarium in London, Louis Cyr broke Eugen Sandow’s world record by push-pressing a dumbbell of 273.25 lbs (124 kg) over his head with one hand after taking it to his shoulder with two hands. We have this dumbbell in the Weider Museum at the University of Texas, and it will be on display on-stage the night of this year’s ASC. After Cyr’s death the dumbbell was owned by his grandson who sold it decades ago to Ben Weider, whose son, Eric Weider, donated it to the Weider Museum in the Stark Center at the University of Texas in Austin. The handle of the dumbbell is approximately 1 5/8” in diameter or a bit more, and the other important measurements are as follows: (Handle Circumference—6 5/16”; Length—4.5”; Spheres circumference—31 3/8”; length from handle to end, 13 ¾”). It is much smaller than the Circus Dumbbell we have used for many years at the ASC, and will feel very different to you, but this year we wanted to pay our respects to the legendary Louis Cyr, a bronze statue of whom is given each year to the winner of our competition. Cyr was a physical phenomenon, and this year our modern Strongmen will have an opportunity to test themselves against his freakish strength. The replica of the Cyr Dumbbell has been designed and built by the experts at Rogue Fitness, one of the major sponsors of the Arnold Strongman Classic. Rogue Fitness also made a lighter version of the 274 pound replica, and the lighter version, weighing 240 pounds (109 kg), will be available for warm-ups, in addition to an Inch DB replica and a Monster Bell loaded to approximately 200 pounds/91 kg. The dimensions of the lighter “Cyr Bell” are the same as the dimensions of the 274 pound/ 124.5 kg dumbbell. The time limit is 90 seconds.

2014 Results

Please click here for full results. Placings are as follows:

Placing Competitor Total Points
1 Zydrunas Savickas 44.5
2 Brian Shaw 42.5
3 Mike Burke 35
4 Vytautus Lalas 32
5 Hafthor Bjornsson 26.5
6 Jerry Prichett 25.5
7 Mikhail Shivlykov 23
8 Robert Oberst 20
9 Dimitar Savatinov 16.5
10 Krzysztof Radzikowski 5.5

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